Jet Fighter Rides Melbourne

Welcome to Air Combat Australia, the leaders in Top Gun adventures in Australia. The ACA Jet Fighter Rides are tailored to you, to ensure you have the best experience possible, the flights take place from Wangaratta Airport Aero Club. Wangaratta has excellent weather for the vast majority of the year with excellent facilities and viewing areas.On arrival you will be briefed on what you will do on your flight, what to do in an emergency and how to overcome g-force. The Jet Fighter Flights are the once in a lifetime experience everyone should have ticked off their bucket list! So give us a call today and book your jet fighter ride!

At ACA we accept VISA and Master card, just a $150 deposit will secure your booking. Discounts apply for group bookings.

asseenontheaflfootyshowCurrent availability for Wangaratta, Victoria:

Saturday February 14             FULL

Sunday    February 15             FULL

Saturday March 14                  AVAILABLE

Sunday    March 15                 AVAILABLE 

More Dates TBD

If other dates are necessary you can purchase flights from our Sydney Base HERE


Jet Fighter Flights Melbourne15 MINUTE JET FIGHTER RIDE 42% OFF!


On the 15 minute jet fighter flight we will have you on the edge of your seat as you take off from Melbourne’s  Wangaratta base to perform aerobatic manoeuvres as seen on Top Gun, such as the barrel roll, loop, vertical roll, and if your ready, inverted flight, at speeds of up to 910km/h over the beautiful Victorian country side! On your return to the base you will experience your last victory roll (till next time ofcourse) as you complete the jet fighter flight successfully.

ph. 1300 520 463 email:


Jet Fighter Rides Melbourne20 MINUTE JET FIGHTER RIDE 31% OFF!


The 20 minute Close Air Support jet fighter mission will provide all the aerobatic manoeuvres such as rolls, loops, Cuban eights, Derry turns, all while you duck and weave through Victorias magnificent Great Dividing Range en-route to bombing our target at up to 910km/h, followed by the victory roll on the way back to Wangaratta.

ph. 1300 520 463 email:


Jet Fighter Melbourne25 MINUTE JET FIGHTER RIDE 23% OFF + get Free DVD Footage


IF YOU FEEL THE NEED! THE NEED FOR SPEED! Then this mission is for you! This 25 Minute Top Gun mission is action packed with all the aerobatic manoeuvres the aircraft can complete! After you have accomplished this you will be rolling in on your target at over 900km/h to complete your strike on the enemy forces that are attempting to overthrow Melbourne! You will reach up to 5G during this flight before returning back home to your Melbourne base.

ph. 1300 520 463 email:



Air Combat Australia can also offer rides over 30 minutes. We are able to offer up to 1 hour Jet Fighter Flights, please contact us for further details as flights over 30 minutes are tailored from take off to landing.

ph. 1300 520 463 email:


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