About Us

After having experienced fighter jet operations in one of the worlds trouble spots, Ray Ekinci decided that everyone should be able to experience the adrenalin pumping exhilaration of jet fighter rides and joy flights. Having found no avenue to exercise the privileges of operating military jets in civilian airspace, Ray and others lobbied parliament to be able to use Warplanes for public consumption, Civil Aviation Regulation 262 AM was passed allowing these operations and from May 1998, Ray Ekinci commenced Jet ride operations on the eve of the approved date and then featured with a 7 minute flight in a MIG 15 fighter jet on the channel 9 Footy Show hosted by Paul Vautin and Peter Sterling. The response from the public was overwhelming and over 15500 people have since have had the privilege of experiencing the TOP GUN for a day concept.

Before you choose who you fly with you should note Air Combat Australia was the first Jet fighter warbird operator anywhere in the world until others entered the industry in the early to mid 2000’s. All procedures and services offered by our competitors were pioneered and developed by ACA.

ACA has serviced some major corporate clients, including Telstra, 3M, Mercedes Benz, Forsters Breweries, TCN 9, Ricoh copiers, Penrite Oil. Why have these Multi national companies chosen ACA? its because we are the longest serving, safest and most qualified organisation on the warbird market



Ray Ekinci:

Ray has been flying since 1982 and is currently the Chief Pilot and Chief flying instructor of Air Combat Australia. Ray is also the chief pilot of Dynamic Helicopters. He is currently one of few pilots who Train and Test the other civilian Jet Fighter Ride operators in Australia. Ray has flown various types of aircraft including, fighter trainers, fighter jets, heavy Boeing transports, and medium sized turboprop aircraft and helicopters. Ray has flown as a pilot in three war zones flying fighters and transports, and other jets.

Licenses Held – CASA and FAA fixed wing air transport licenses
34 Piston types
5 Fighter types
4 Turbo props
3 Transport jets two as captain
3 Corporate jet
5 Turbine helicopter types
4 Piston helicopter types
Endorsement – Grade one instructor rating
Command instrument rating
Authorised testing officer for the issue of Pilots Licenses
Low level aerobatic approval
Low level flight approval (below 150 feet)
CASA fast jet maintenance test pilot on Eastern Bloc jet fighters
Low level fast jet aerobatic testing approval. The only approval of its type in Australia

Jay Ekinci:

Jay has been flying since he was a toddler, starting official flying lessons at the age of 12 he flew solo at the age of 16 (the earliest he could apply for a student pilots license) by the age of 17 Jay had completed multiple twin endorsements, formation, formation aerobatics-lead aircraft, aerobatics, and low level aerobatics to 1500ft AGL. Whilst he was 17 he was named “Australia’s youngest jet fighter pilot” when he completed his first fast Jet type endorsement on L39 VH-NCI (RED 25). By the age of 19 Jay had obtained his commercial pilots license and completed his first International ferry flight, making a successful journey from Singapore to Sydney in our CT/4E airtrainer’s(photo on the right). Jay now holds multiple twin types, low level aerobatics approval to 500ft AGL, Fast jet Type L39, Formation, Aerobatics, Formation Aerobatics both lead and wingman, Night Flying Approval, Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) and also instructs full time at ACA.